B70 Control System

The B70 Modular Control System has been designed to fulfil a wide number of applications. Typical use can be throttle and gear operation, shift controls, power take off and mixer controls on concrete trucks.

Key Features

  • Controls can be mix and matched to suit the application desired.
  • Handles can be straight or bent and be free moving or lockable.
  • Robust construction of die cast alloy makes these controls suitable for a variety of applications.

B70 Control

Typical unit shown concealed, side mounted.

B70 Control and B73 Handle

B70 Control & B73 Handle

The B70 Modular Control Head comprises of a number of key components that can be assembled into a wide variety of control systems. The key components comprise the following:
Part Number Part Description
204503 B70 Control with short boss
204506 B73 Straight Handle
204507 B74 Bent Handle
204508 B75 Straight Handle – used with gate plates
204509 B76 Bent Handle – used with gate plates
B0568 XXXX B568 Clamp Type Cable (refer to Cable End Types below)
B0568 XXXX B569 Bulkhead Type Cable (refer to Cable End Types below)

Gate Plates

For use with the B70 unit, and handle assemblies B75 and B76

Gate Plates Image
Part Number Part Description
204514 B81 Gate plate kit 100mm (4″) stroke ratchet
204516 B83 Gate plate kit 100mm (4″) stroke 3 position
204518 B85 Gate plate kit 75mm (3″) stroke 3 position
204521 B88 Blank Gate Plate (all cable strokes)
Note: Gate plates for use with the B70 Controls
and B75 or B76 gated handles only.
Cables Image
End Type Travel A B C D
Bulkhead End type 4.0
Clamp End Type 4.0