Vernier Control Cables


The Teleflex Vernier Control is the premium mechanical control cable for setting engine RPM and other micro/macro adjustments.

Applications range from generator sets, to manual throttles for warm up on a wide variety of on and off-road vehicles.

Vernier Control Head

Part Number: (317310)

New! Larger grip for easier feel
New! Two internal ball-bearings for smoother adjustment

Key Features

  • Fast and Simple Installation – can be mounted independently to the the dash and then connected to the cable on the other side of dash or firewall.
  • Positive Adjustment – depress the red release button and pull the Vernier knob out until an approximate rpm or setting is achieved.
  • Positive Adjustable Brake – precise settings can be maintained through vibration or governor back pressure by setting the correct amount of friction on the brake.
  • Fast Shutdown – simply depress top of grip and simultaneously push in the knob for immediate shutdown.

Fast and Simple Installation

The vernier control head is easily disconnected from the cable by simply backing off the coupling nut and disengaging the connectors. This feature eliminates pushing cables through mounting cutouts and trying to route from the cab end. The control head can be mounted independently to the dash and then connected to the cable on the other side of the dash or firewall.

Cable Travel

The Quick Release Vernier features a standard 3” of travel. Travel under 3” can be accommodated using an L type cable and a stop collar or pivot on the core wire to restrict travel. Reduced travel with 30 or 40 series cables with rod type out put ends can be accomodated with stops on the lever or mechanism for which the cable is attached.

Operating Loads

The Vernier Control is recommended for operating loads up to 9 kgs regardless of the series cable selected. The control can withstand much higher operating loads, but human engineering factors come into play at about 20 lbs. Operating finger-tip type controls at loads above 20 lbs. can cause fatigue and discomfort to operator’s fingers and hands.

Consideration should be given to a different type of control for loads exceeding 20 lbs.

End Type Cable Series
Part Number
(Cable Only)
Cable Series
Part Number (Cable
Min Bend Radius A B C D E F G
30L Open 307141 307544 5″ - - - - 0.26 - -
30L Bulkhead 307142 307545 5″ - - 1.88 - 0.26 0.44 -
30L Clamp 307143 307546 5″ - - 1.31 - 0.26 0.38 -
Rod &
30 Bulkhead 307144 307547 5″ 8.88 5.00 1.44 0.88 0.26 0.44 10-32
30 Clamp 307145 307548 5″ 9.13 4.13 1.13 0.88 0.26 0.38 10-32
40 Bulkhead 307146 307549 5″ 9.13 5.13 1.76 1.0 0.26 0.44 1/4-28
40 Clamp 307147 307550 5″ 8.50 4.50 1.38 1.0 0.26 0.38 1/4-28


x x x x x x
x x x x

Cable Series
Part Number

307141 = 30L Series Vernier Only OPEN NRS
307142 = 30L Series Vernier Only B hub NRS
307143 = 30L Series Vernier Only C hub NRS
307144 = 30 Series Vernier Only B hub WRS
307145 = 30 Series Vernier Only C hub WRS
307146 = 40 Series Vernier Only B hub WRS
307147 = 40 Series Vernier Only C hub WRS
307544 = 30L Series Vernier w/Head OPEN NRS
307545 = 30L Series Vernier w/Head B NRS
307546 = 30L Series Vernier w/Head C NRS
307547 = 30 Series Vernier w/Head B hub WRS
307548 = 30 Series Vernier w/Head C hub WRS
307549 = 40 Series Vernier w/Head B hub WRS
307550 = 40 Series Vernier Only C hub WRS


Travel In Inches



Cable Length
In Centimetres

Place 0′s in the first two positions if less than 1.00 metre.

EXAMPLE: 307545-3-0150
Vernier Control Cable with 3″ Travel, Bulkhead hub at 1.50m.


Measuring and ordering

All cables with exposed wire are measured to the point where the core wire exits the cable conduit.

Cables with rod-type end fittings are measured to the rod end.

A Quick Release Vernier Control can be ordered as two separate items. Use part number 317310 for the Vernier Control Head. Then order the desired cable part number (see chart above), immediately followed by the desired cable length in quarter metre increments.

Part Number Vernier Accessories
317310 Vernier Control Head (Black)
037693 Stop Collar
043229 Conduit Clamp
047639 Pivot Core Fitting 1/8″
047640 Pivot Core Fitting 3/16″
047641 Pivot core Fitting 1/4″
300673 30L Bulkhead Adaptor Kit
302485 30L Clamp Adaptor Kit
031509 Clamp

Note: Cable length stamped on the cable is the overall length that is achieved when the vernier control head is attached to the cable