PTO Cables

Classic Teleflex quality is built into this PTO cable. It’s tough polyethylene outer jacket provides protection from weather, splash, and spray, while the stainless steal core moves smoothly inside a specially formulated polyethylene liner. In addition, the knob is solid to withstand the rigors of heavy duty use.

Complete Interchangeability and Simple Installation

Teleflex’s thread sizes make this cable 100% interchangeable with other manufacturers of PTO cables. Our PTO cable is ideal for both new and replacement applications. It has 5 full inches of travel, is available in 1/2 metre increments, and can be cut to required lengths by the user for specific applications

Part Number Cable Hardware
305413 XXXX

PTO Cable
062267 Hub Adaptor Kit
305481 Red Knob Only


x x x x x x
x x x x

Cable Series
Part Number

305413 = PTO


Cable Length
In Centimetres

Place 0′s in the first two positions if less than 1.00 metre.

EXAMPLE: 3054130150
PTO Cable with 5″ Travel at 1.50m.