Mounting Accessories & Service Parts Kits

Mounting Stand Mounting Wedg

Mounting Stand

A prefabricated steel mounting stand with a satin black finish for floor mounting. An easily removed access panel simplifies installation and adjustment. Use only with cable hanger positions 4 and 5 on Maxx control.

Mounting Wedge

Die cast aluminium wedge, with satin black finish. Mount control at 15º angle to mounting service. When used with the Maxx control, the wedge can be used with the cable hanger in any position except 1 and 8.

Mounting Flange

Cast aluminium mounting flange with satin black finish. Simplifies cutout required, ideal for use when converting vehicles. May be used with cable hanger plate in any position.

Mounting Accessories & Service Parts Kits Image
Part Number Description
044585 Mounting Stand
046595 Mounting Flange
050914-007 Spring Clip Retainers
301162 Cover Assembly Kit
302007 Switch Kit
9301181 Indicator Band Kit
301334 Hardware Bag
301164 Knob
302348 Lever Release Lifter Kit