Modulator Cable

If using a diesel engine with an automatic transmission, the fourth component of your Teleflex control system is the Modulator. The Modulator valve control assembly consists of a modulator valve control and modulator cable.

Design considerations: Modulator Valve Control is designed for 21mm to 30mm max. travel. Operating force required to actuate modulator assembly is approximately 5 to 6 pounds at maximum linear travel of 38mm. assembly is supplied in a push or pull to operate configuration. A slip link must be installed to allow the fuel control lever and accelerator system to return to the idle position.

Ordering Information

  1. Order the Modulator Valve Control assembly to length required. Specify Base Number and length, in metres.
  2. For each clamp hub, order one cable clamp and one shim or one “U” bolt kit.

Note: The Teleflex Modulator Valve can be field converted from push to pull or pull to push operation.

See instruction sheet packed with Modulator).

Plan cable path from engine fuel control lever to transmission. Avoid high temperature areas and minimise bends (125mm bend radius) in cable for long life.

Measure Modulator Valve Control assembly length from centreline of transmission modular opening to extreme end of cable at mid-travel.
(See “Customer Length” dimension, on diagram).

Modulator Cable

Modulator Cable

Part Number Description
300130 XXXX Pull to operate Modulator, Clamp Type Cable
300139 XXXX Push to operate Modulator, Clamp Type Cable
300150 XXXX Pull to operate Modulator, Bulkhead Type Cable
300149 XXXX Push to operate Modulator, Bulkhead Type Cable
300153 XXXX Bulkhead Type Cable only, no modulator
300143 XXXX Clamp Type Cable only, no modulator

XXXX = Length in centimetres

Part Number Replacement Parts
310821 Modulator Housing and Components Kit